Start hereWe don't know any other 8"2' tall, 6 yr. old bird cooler than Big Bird. Tweeting away from his nest in Sesame Street,
Big Bird has helped entertain generations of young and not so young people around the world. He is one of the most
beloved characters on TV and part of popular culture. He is by far, one of the coolest kids on Sesame Street or any street!
Recently, PBS, Sesame Street and our beloved friend have been in the news.This is your time to show how much Big Bird means to you.
Tell the world that you want Big Bird to keep entertaining more generations to come.


You can be part of it, it's very easy and simple. Below we have some ways you can help to make a difference! Tell your family and friends! This is the time, and it's always the time to help.Let's get together and ensure that Sesame Street and Big Bird continue bringing joy to million of kids all over the world.


There's so many people already supporting
Big Bird, so go and sign one of the many petitions that are out there or better yet,
start your own! everybody can help!
Make a difference! Do it now! Sign!


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Because PBS has been educating countless generations and it should be around to educate countless more. Getting good, wholesome, educating entertainment shouldn't be a privilege but a right. It's not only about our favorite bird, it is about preserving the impact that PBS and Sesame Street have had for over 3 generations. Let's join forces and keep
Big Bird alive....and tweeting!


This site has been created and mantained by two Big Bird fans:
Daniel Arenas & Raul Martinez


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